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    Jobs and Gates talk about old times. Ahh the 512k with crappy drives. – My mate had one for a bit. My watch is more powerful now.


    Same vid

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    lol never though i would see that.

    Is it true bill put money into apple to keep the company alive at one stage?

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    Yep more than once too. (If Microsoft equals Bill gates and in mind mind it does).

    In 97 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple, and the two companies were to share and license each other’s technologies. But basically it meant Microsoft kept making office and IE for mac for a few more years and apple stopped telling Microsoft they ripped off mac os.

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    In a different world i think we would all be buying apple’s with Windows OS’s.

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    Guess that could have happened. Apple looked at just about every OS out there in the 90’s – Anyone remember BeOS or NEXT Os?. Of course some people do just buy the new intel based macs to run windows with the occasional switch into mac land.

    Like having the choice we have now though – I am an artist and programmer and I have a mac, a pc and some linux devices – Guess I can’t make my mind up about anything. :wink:

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    Of course some people do just buy the new intel based macs to run windows with the occasional switch into mac land.

    That’s basically what I did, although I’ve yet to actually get around to installing Windows! And funnily enough for all the talk of OS X being incredibly stable it actually hung on me the first time I ever used it :lol:

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    Similar story, my friend installed Linux a few years back and went on and on about how stable it was, Unix this and Protected Core that… I broke it in five mins of normal use. He wasn’t angry just questioned if I had x-men like power to crash computers. I replied "I may…."

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