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    Maybe include a Student section in the forums, so that they can ask questions, keep in contact, team up etc?

    I’m sure the various colleges would really like their students to communicate… having one on gd.ie could be an ideal solution, and could also help promote the building of teams, and future graduated students to participate in the site.


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    Totally agree, Mal. Not so sure how active it would be at first but it’s definitely worth getting into place. Would be a good place to discuss possible Dare entries, projects and university decisions. A lot of other stuff as well that I’m sure would be good.

    Aphra actually posted something about it earlier that’s quite optimistic.

    I like the idea of a students thread on the forums…the forums are currently being ported and Johnnyslim is working on that. We are going to have threads on art and programming etc…but the technical issues come first…. [/quote:9b0069493a]

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    I think it would be a great idea. It would benifit any game dev students greatly to make contact with each other on this forum, and get to talk to experienced game developers. Could pave the way also for future projects, companies, etc. :)

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