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This topic contains 11 replies, has 10 voices, and was last updated by  Ronny 12 years, 6 months ago.

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    Something I was wondering about recently is whether the whole Digital Hub thing down by James’ Gate had ever really amounted to anything (being an expat for 3 years, I wouldn’t know) and whether any devs had tried their hand at getting in there?

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    Havok are in there and did TKO go in there too ? Any one else?

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    Hey Tadgh,

    Happy new year, hope things are well on the Movies project!

    If you’re talking about the new building with commercial companies, it seems to be chock full of some great, innovative companies.

    If you’re talking about ( EDIT: Media Lab Europe ) the building where a number of researchers / students were carrying out some cool projects ( beside the Guinness brewery ), I visited that a few times, the people actually working there were quite cool and were working on some very interesting, if not too commercial, projects.

    I did chat to one or two individuals ‘higher up’ or lower down the chain, depending on how you take the WC analogy, who seemed to be only interested in whether or not you wanted to write them a cheque. I read read more than a few times that their financial situation wasn’t good, and that they had to be bailed out a few times.

    The concept seemed great, it just seems to have been grossly mismanaged from what I gathered from some of the people who worked there.

    Maybe someone who worked there, or whos mates worked there, could shed some more light on it?


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    More info here:


    and here on Talking Gaming @ The Digital Hub:


    The venue has been extremely useful on several occasions!


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    The first IGDA Ireland meeting was held their one year and a few days ago. As you can see from this thread it seems to have been successful.

    Notice how Aphra always gets a mention when Irish game dev is mentioned on a site! She has it wrapped around her little finger. :)

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    steady on Ronny..that is what happens when you have a strange name!

    Havok, Eirplay and TKO are operating from the Digital Depot at the moment. The digital Hub has also been involved in organising the Irish heat of Dare to be Digital, an exhibit on Play and a Talk Digital on Games. Not bad really..

    Oh and there is also Media Lab Europe and their MindGames group..but perhaps not for much longer if the rumours are to be believed..x-members of that group have gone on to start up a games company though..


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    Omega’s Dust

    Havok, Eirplay and TKO
    Aphra. [/quote:ac9f0d16d5]

    I was impressed by the Eirplay talk at the Dare intro a few months(weeks?) back, the head of dev seemed to have his head screwed on. Also he likes HL 2 :)

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    Just in case you missed it, we have just posted a story under news about Mistaril, the Finnish company which used to be based in the Digital Hub.

    Unfortunately last summer Kai-Peter and Mistaril headed back to Finland…

    find out why and what he has been up to….in the news section of gd.ie


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    Thanks for posting this Aphra,

    i’ve been wondering where Kai-Peter went..

    glad to see he’s still working hard

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    the Digital Hub have been keen supporters of IGDA Ireland too… as well as hodsting & supporting the launch, they also provide meeting rooms to the org committee to meet in every month

    there’s to be another Hub/gaming-related announcement in the next 2 – 3 weeks as well, so stay tuned…

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    there’s to be another Hub/gaming-related announcement in the next 2 – 3 weeks as well, so stay tuned…[/quote:069aa136e1]

    Cool……DC Studios?

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    Glad to see Kai-Peter is still going strong back in his homeland.

    be sure to drop in if you are anywhere near Helsinki! [/quote:d8262e0183]
    I’ve always wanted to see Jokerit Helsinki play TPS Turku. So you never know! :)

    lOriginally posted by Tony
    there’s to be another Hub/gaming-related announcement in the next 2 – 3 weeks as well, so stay tuned…[/quote:d8262e0183]
    I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled. Dave could well be right on this one.

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