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    …are a complete pain in the arse!

    I have sold a 3D model 3 times on TurboSquid, but can’t get payment until I fill out some bloody form, which is like double dutch to me…….


    What in God’s name is a “Disregarded Entity”? :p

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    Hmm… did a bit of research but am not entirely sure. (Or have any clue whatsoever)

    I’m sure my teacher would know this. I can probably get you an answer on Tuesday if you can wait that long. :)

    By the way, care to show us the model you sold? Certainly would be interesting.

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    Ah, its no biggie Ronny. I was just curious what the term meant. I just ticked “individual” on the form. ;)

    The model was one I uploaded last year, but just checked yesterday and it was bought 3 times. Just an ok model of an F-15, although I was only selling it for $85 a pop, and there were others there that were worse and cost $300, so thats probably why mine sold! ;)

    Might upload a few more, like my AT-ST and put a higher price tag(considering its textured and rigged) like $300 and see if it sells any…..

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