Develop:Brighton are looking for submissions for their sixth Indie Showcase competition.                     

The competition is totally free to enter and all 10 finalists will get the opportunity to show off their games to around 1,800 developers, publishers and media at Develop:Brighton, pre-event publicity and a profile on the event website, plus receive 2 free Indie Dev Day conference passes.                            

Previous Showcase winners that have gone on to be successful include Gunpoint, That Dragon Cancer and Darklings which made it into the top-100 grossing games chart on iOS.

Entry to the Indie Showcase is FREE and is open to:

• Studios with no more than 15 people

• Studios – and games – that are non-publisher funded

• Games which are not published by a third party at the time of submission

• Games that have a development budget of less than £1million

• Games that are created in the “indie spirit”

The deadline for submitting your game is 19 May 2016

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