So finally we can talk about the gossip.

We have received official news to say that 2PaperDolls, a mobile games studio in Dublin, has hired Paddy Murphy (of the red hat) to its development team as a Community Manager.

Murphy, former CEO of Open Emotion Studios, is well known here on, was instrumental in the production and launch of games released globally across PC, iOS and console platforms and picked up a number of awards in the inaugural Irish game awards at the 2012 Games Fleadh.

Happy to have “his infectious enthusiasm and creativity behind our upcoming launch of Mind of Man,” 2PaperDolls founder Louis Ravenet cites Murphy’s experience in games production, development and community relations as an opportunity too good to pass on.

2PaperDolls is a game development studio currently blurring the boundaries between real life and your online persona. Their latest project,, plays with crowdsourcing and sentiment analysis, gaming your life on Twitter.

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(Early adopter? Mind of Man now available on the iTunes Store, pre-released in UK and Ireland. See