3D for Games development and broadcast Visual FX
Autodesk Media and Entertainment Bring complete 3D solutions to Dublin

Following Autodesk’s Acquisition of the Alias product line, Autodesk have begun to showcase their new 3D product portfolio across Europe in the “realize your dreams tour”

The tour arrives in Dublin on the 28th of March where Autodesk will demonstrate the power of their complete 3d product portfolio.

The tour will be focusing on two core areas of expertise

Games development and post production/ visual effects

11 AM – introduction to 3D S Max for Games development.
Demonstration of 3d s max in the field of game development for devices such as the Playstation 2

2 PM – introduction to 3D S Max for post production/ visual effects.
Demonstration on how to Integrate 3d s max into your post production/ VFX pipeline

Later than evening Autodesk will hold an evening event showcasing Alias Motion builder

The event is free of charge

To book a place on this event, please email