Part of Counter Strike: Block H is currently on show in Dublin as part of the Game On festival in Dublin’s Digital Hub. Block H is an interactive installation set in Northern Ireland. It comprises of a Counter-Strike mod and a sound reactive television.

Developed for an MA in interactive media at Goldsmiths College in London the project was originally conceived as a way of documenting the murals that were fast disappearing from the landscape of Northern Ireland. According to the developer it ‘ developed from there to explore the wider themes of media and social memory, surveillance and censorship, and militainment such as Kuma/War and America’s Army.’

The game section is a modification of Counter-Strike: Source.
Teams are Loyalist and Nationalist. Players wear celtic and rangers jerseys, denim jackets and anoraks. The game is set in a housing estate split by a peaceline and watchtower. Each side has their own versions of sectarian symbols such as murals, bonfires, flags, drums, graffiti etc. All details are based on reference images to create a composite environment of Belfast and Derry.

The interior section houses a sound reactive television made using MAX/MSP. It uses footage of cultural icons as well as victims and perpetrators of violence during “The Troubles”.
The audio and video channels are changed separately by the user using a two button remote control.The images stutter themselves in real time to synchronise with any one of the soundtracks.

You can see this along with other work including by this year’s Dare to be Digital team this coming Sat, 15th Sept at the Digital Exchange, Crane Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8 at 3pm and 5pm.

Entry is free, but as public viewing is limited please request a ticket in advance by emailing or call 01 4806200.

Block H
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