Another week, another game! are delighted to announce that Irish independent game studio, Brighthead Games, have today launched their first title for PC.

The Adventures of King Croc is a retro puzzle platform series, created with stunning art and detailed game mechanics.

” King Croc is a re-imaging of platforms, we wanted to combine our love of old school platformers like donkey kong and bubble bobble, along with our passion for physic puzzles like portal” said a spokesperson.

Avaliable on Indievania for $ 1.00 –

Available on IndieCity for €0.70 –

King Croc

King Croc is a puzzle platformer game that re-imagines how 2d games work. In this game, the player assumes the role of the eponymous hero, as he travels through different worlds to restore his crown and rescue his princess from the clutches of the evil Professor Plumber.

The levels in King Croc are very diverse. Some are more action-based, while others require the player to use puzzle-solving skills. What makes the game of King Croc different from others of this type is the fact that he cannot directly harm any of his enemies.

Instead, he must rely on his gun’s ability to alter the environment to create portals, jump-pads… etc. The levels in each world become progressively more difficult, and careful planning and resource management become a must in the later stages of the game.

For those players who enjoy a challenge, once the game is beaten, 2 new game modes become unlocked which offer a whole new gaming experience and make the game much more difficult.

The origins of King Croc was the result of a demo which we had created for the Dublin Game Craft in 2012, which we successfully completed and won. As a result of overwhelming excitement from both Judges and competitors we decided to release a fully developed game.

About the company

Brighthead Games is based in Dublin developing for Facebook, IOS and Android Games. The company was founded in 2012. The team met through game design competitions. The team is formed by Edward Mc Elroy, Mariano Di Murro & Zafer Balbous.