BSc Computing
University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

There are three exclusive games modules on the Computing Degree on Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster:
"An Introduction to Computer Games"
which is taught the 2nd year of the degree, "Computer Game Design and Development" and "3-Dimensional Modelling and Rendering" both of which are offered as specialist modules in the final year.

These modules are well supported by other degree modules especially "Software Development" I and II, "Advanced Software Development", "Computer Technology" and "Multimedia Technologies". In the final year of the course students will have the opportunity to undertake a major project in which they will typically construct a full computer game on a PC or PlayStation 2, or they may investigate a state-of-the-art problem from the games industry involving artificial intelligence, educational games or similar. Throughout the course students have the opportunity to learn how to design and program games as they do in the games industry, and we currently teach students methods that are relevant for PC and XBOX as well as PlayStation 2 game development. Students learn about the design and construction of classic games of decades ago through the 2nd year module and will progress to an understanding of modern game design and technologies in their final year of the course. More information on the games aspect of our Computing degree contact Dr Darryl Charles >mailto:
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