The DIT Faculty of Science located in Kevin St., Dublin, has offered courses in Computing since 1983. We currently offer a range of full time and part time undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Of particular interest to prospective games developers are our Honours Degree in Computer Science (DT228) and our Honours Degree in Computing (DT211).

The Honours Degree in Computer Science (DT228) runs for four years full time. It provides students with a wide range of practical skills required by games developers including programming in C, C++ and Java, computer maths and software engineering. In the third year of the course, students take a number of core subjects but also choose two out of four streams – Games Programming, Software Development and Internet Systems, Computer Systems Architecture and Administration or Data and Knowledge Management. All of the streams offer students the opportunity to undertake a six month work placement in the second semester of third year, which can games related.

In the final year of their degree, students specialise in one of the two streams they have chosen in third year. Students choosing the games programming specialisation take six core subjects – Game Worlds, Mobile and Multi-user Games, Artificial Intelligence 1 & 2, Game Middleware and Game Behaviour. Students taking this stream have access to a cutting edge games programming lab. In the final year of the course students must also undertake a significant software project and games have always featured highly as choices for student projects. Students also choose two elective subjects which may include music technology, digital audio, geographic information systems, graphics, image processing and assistive technology among others.

The Honours Degree in Computing (DT211) runs for four years full time, with the option of a certificate after two years or an ordinary degree after three years. This course has a practical focus and is designed to produce graduates that can work as software developers and hardware engineers in commercial and technological areas. This course similarly offers students a wide range of practical skills including programming, computer hardware, networking and databases. Elements of this course are offered in partnership with industry leaders including CISCO and Oracle. Students taking this course can opt for an internship in year three and four, where they spend up to two days per week on a supervised placement in the computer industry. In the fourth year of this course, students have access to the full range of electives including artificial intelligence, computer graphics, music technology and games programming.

We hope that our courses offer students the flexibility to work at all levels and in many specialist areas of the computer industry including games development.