The computer science department in University College Cork (U.C.C.) offers a full-time 4-year BSc in Computer Science. Peter, who works in UCC provided us with this summary. <br /><br />The first year of the course is mainly focused on introducing the student to computers both software and hardware. The remaining 3 years allow the student to have a lot of choice over the subjects they pick.<br /><br />Programming languages which are covered include Java and C and both the UNIX and Windows 2000 operating systems are used. Also, for multimedia applications MAC OS is used and taught. Java is the primary language which is used within the department, as it is one of the most popular programming languages at the moment.<br /><br />Some of most interesting subjects which can be taken are subjects in the fourth year of the course such as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics. In the A.I. course the student is introduced to concepts such as declarative and procedural knowledge, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and search strategies to mention but a few. Most concepts being backed up with working programming examples coded in Java. While in the Computer Graphics course students are present with a basic introductory to Opengl and modern graphics techniques.<br /><br />Graduates from the course have good employment opportunities, while many go on to do post graduate studies in the field of ConstraintsA.I, NetworkingMultimedia and real-time programming. <br /><br />The computer science department has spawned numerous research groups and to date at least one student has gone on to work in the games industry for one of the leading game development houses in the U.K.<br /><br />Essentials:<br />Western Rd, Cork City, Ireland.<br /><br />Duration: 4 years<br /><br />Course Strengths:<br />Multimedia, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Programming C, Programming Java. Popular multimedia packages taught in formal modules. <br /><br />Course Weaknesses:<br />Course is not as mathematical as other courses. C++ is not formally taught however packages are available.<br /><br />More Info: <br /><LINK><ADDRESS></ADDRESS><LTEXT></LTEXT></LINK>