Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology is one of many third level institutions in Ireland to have embraced the emerging discipline of multimedia. The BSC in Computing Multimedia Programming at Dun Laoghaire is a three year computing course during which students specialise in multimedia production.

Modules of relevance to games developers include Multimedia Authoring and Multimedia Communications. A lot of programming in Action Script and Lingo is covered, indicating a strong emphasis on the web as the interactive medium. Maths is studied as a tool for conceptualization and 3D modelling.

What is Multimedia Programming?

Multimedia (or digital media) is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry that offers excellent career opportunities for talented students. It refers to the use of different types of audiovisual data, or media, in computer applications. These media include images, animations, video clips and sound clips.

Multimedia Programming refers to the creation and development of these multimedia computer applications. Examples include: computer games, web sites, mobile applications and e-learning applications.

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to work in the busy IT industry. You will study computer programming (using Java), and how computers and the Internet work. You will also study specific multimedia subjects, including web development, and multimedia design and programming. The concepts required to create complex multimedia applications are just as important, and this often requires the use of applied mathematics concepts, such as using the theory of velocity, acceleration and friction to plot the motion of a car in a computer game.

AT IADT, you will develop the personal and professional skills to work as a mature, self-confident professional in the IT industry, and specifically the multimedia/digital media sector. The programme provides students with a specialisation in the technical design and implementation of complex multimedia systems.

Mathematics is a significant component in a number of modules, so you should be comfortable with studying maths.

Aims and Objectives

Most graduates opt to progress to DL142, IADT’s BSc (Honours) in Computing in Multimedia Systems / Web Engineering (Level 8 Award). You can also continue your studies at Honours Degree level in other institutions of Higher Education in Ireland or overseas.

Students graduating from this programme have found employment in games development, web application development, computer-based training and e-Learning application development, software development, and project management.

What modules will I study?

Year 1

Computer Technology, Web Programming I, Programming, Multimedia Authoring I, Digital Media Production Techniques, Computer Modelling I, Contemporary Issues in Multimedia

Year 2

Web Programming II, Software Production, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Multimedia Authoring and Design, Database Management Systems, Web Design, Video and 3-D Modelling Production

Year 3

Object-Oriented Programming and Design, Computer Modelling II, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, Multimedia Programming, Digital Media Entrepreneurship

Students also choose one option from either: an individual project or The IDEA Project combined with Multimedia Programming Practice.

Are there any costs for materials and/or field trips?

The expenditure in this programme is of €50 approximately per year. You will have to purchase USB sticks, CD-Rom, DVDs, headphones, microphones, etc. It would be desirable that students could purchase their own digital camera. Cost could vary from €100 to €400.

Location: Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 3

See http://www.iadt-dl.ie/en/ProspectiveStudents/SchoolsCourses/SchoolofCreativeTechnologies/BScinComputinginMultimediaProgramming/