Tribal City Interactive, an independent game development studio based in Galway, have just released ‘Cellular’ on iPhone and iPad. tribalcity-logo

Cellular is an elegant game of exploration of space, colour and sound. Its fluid motion, achieved through a rhythmic one-touch input, creates a soothing, engaging experience. With a huge variety of music and colour combinations and many levels of difficulty to explore, curiosity is richly rewarded.

Born of our experience of single button mechanics for mobile, and inspired by Snake, fl0w and the simple aesthetic of iOS, Cellular gives a deeply satisfying experience that both captivates and delights.

Cellular’s unique control mechanic combines rhythmic touch input with cyclical motion to give a controlled relaxing experience that captivates in its fluid movement.

Because Cellular is so easy to play and the rhythm of touch and movement feels so natural and soothing, you just can’t stop yourself becoming completely engrossed in it’s relaxed exploration.

Well done all, including Paul Conway for his beautiful artwork!

Download it now.


Cellular 3 screen640x640