Ireland s only combined Computer Flight Simulator and Aviation show will be held on
Sunday 1st October 2006
Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin.
10.00am to 5.00pm

This is Ireland’s second combined Computer Flight Simulator and Aviation Show which will have exhibitors from the Irish, UK and European Flight Simulation community and exhibitors from the Irish Aviation community.

The purpose of the event is to promote Computer Flight Simulation as a hobby in the context of the wider aviation interest.

Aviation fans will have the opportunity to fly the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), watch demonstrations of flying on the Internet with live virtual Air Traffic Control (who will be at the show), and fly in our home built cockpit. You can see and try, various PC Pilots Ireland member’s computer setups for using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

There will be presentations from Flight Simulator and Aviation groups and screenings of Aviation Videos in the seated Presentation Theatre.

Visitors will be able to enter a free draw to win copies of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and other PC Flight Simulation software.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be on sale, along with additional software (Aircraft and Scenery) for use on Microsoft Flight Simulator, plus Joysticks, Throttles, Flight Control Yokes, Rudder Pedals.

Alpine Systems specialise in building PCs to suit your needs, be it for Flight Simulator, Office, or Home.
Experts will be available to give advice on suitable home computers, graphics cards, joysticks, control yokes, rudder pedals, etc.

Aviation Clubs & Societies

Want to share your interest in aviation with other enthusiasts? Talk to the Aviation Society of Ireland at the PC Pilots Flight Simulator Show.
The National Aero Club of Ireland (formally the Irish Aviation Council) is the aviation umbrella organisation in Ireland will be in attendance.
If you’re looking for a dedicated Irish aviation magazine, ‘Flying In Ireland’ is Ireland’s only dedicated aviation magazine.

PC Pilots Ireland

Information will be available ‘PC Pilots Ireland’ and their magazine ‘PC Flight’.

Entrance fee is ?5.00

For a full list of exhibitors log onto