The event, held at the Microsoft Campus in Reading between 8-10 November, will have three keynote speakers (yet to be announced) and will concentrate on ten ‘special sessions in areas of current interest to games developers’.

Students will be permitted a reduced registration fee and the best papers, demos and competition winners will receive prizes from the sponsors. There will be spaces available for software providers and companies to show their latest packages, games, and books and give hands-on tutorials as well as recruitment opportunities.

Sessions will include the following topics:

1. Neural Networks in Games
2. Education for Games Design and Development
3. AI Tools – genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning, fuzzy systems,Markov processes, search algorithms
4. Intelligent agents – believable characters,
5. Tools and systems for Games / Virtual Reality (or Interaction)
Technologies for Games – games platforms, games engines, middleware,
interfaces and controllers, speech
6. Learning and Adaptation in Games – reinforcement leaning, machine
7. Graphics Developments
8. Mobile and Multiuser Games
9. Games Design – creative aspects, art and design, modelling, animation, 3dsmax, Maya, interactive story-telling
10. Social/humanities aspects of games; gender issues, violence, usability, pervasive gaming.

For more information on the programme and submission of papers, visit the prelimary conference site at: