This is a cross-disciplinary event which brings together scriptwriters, directors, producers, artists, designers, developers, and programmers from across Europe. sagas: Writing Interactive Fiction is a joint non-profit initiative of the European MEDIA Plus Programme Training and the Academy for Film and TV, Munich.

The workshop will expore the relationship between storytelling, visual
media techniques and interactivity. Participants will:
*learn to apply their knowledge of filmmaking by developing their own interactive ideas, which are then processed in a group scripting phase.
* develop short treatments in teams for an interactive film, story, or narrative game (there is no limitation on genre, target audience or platform); this is then discussed.

Although the event is aimed towards MEDIA member countries, applicants from other countries are welcome. Places are limited so please contact below for details.

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction,
c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum,
Bavariafilmplatz 7,
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald,
tel:+ 49 89 64 98 11 30
fax:+ 49 89 64 98 13 30
mobile: + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
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