Event: Creativity 2004 – a conference on game audio content creation and management tools
Date: Friday, 29 October 2004 10.00 am – 5.30 pm
Location:Royal Society of Arts – RSA
8, John Adam Street
London WC2N 6EZ


*Welcome and General Session I (45 mins)
Welcome – Speakers: George Thorn/Andrea D’Orta
Creative Technologies Unleashed: A comprehensive overview of the tools and technologies now available under the Creative umbrella. Attendees will learn how Creative can offer the perfect audio solution from start to finish.
Main Speaker: Steve Erickson
Additional Speakers: Keith Charley (ISACT & OpenAL), Peter Clare (GameCODA), Dave Anderson (EMU)

*General Session II (1 hour)
The new Sound Blaster: An in-depth preview of Creative’s newest hardware, including an overview of EAX 5.0 and mention of future EAX developments
Speaker: John Kraft (Zenith and EAX 5.0)

*General Session III (45 mins)
EAX integration into the latest game audio engines: Doom3 and UT2004
Speaker: Carlo Vogelsang

*General Session IV (30 mins)
Advancing Interactive Audio: A summary of Creative’s offerings, including explanation of the various license agreements for our tools.
Main Speaker: George Thorn
Additional Speakers: Neela Dass, Royee Leung, Franco De Bonis

*Breakout Session Tracks: Sound Design/Production & Programming
Breakout Session I (1 hour)
Sound Design/Production: Interactive Audio at Your Fingertips: the ISACT Experience
Speaker: Peter Harrison

*Audio Programming (split session): Implementing the ISACT API in your next project
Speaker: Daniel Peacock

*Breakout Session II (1 hour)
Sound Design/Production: GameCODA and CAGE Producer, Creating multi-platform content
Speaker: Mike Clarke

*Audio Programming: Implementing the GameCODA and CAGE API in your multi-platform titles
Speaker: Nathan Charles

*Breakout Session III (1 hour)
Sound Design/Production: Creative Professional: Introducing EMU’s latest digital audio systems
Speaker: Dave Anderson

*Audio Programming (split session):
Bringing OpenAL to your next project, Tips, Tricks, and Optimization
Speaker: Keith Charley
Techniques and optimizations to developing your cross-platform audio.
Speaker: Peter Clare

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