On September 5th, ten weeks after it began, the winners of the “Dare To Be Digital” competition were announced. After careful deliberation judges from Electronic Arts, BBC Scotland, Real Time World, Develop Magazine, IOMO and Storyland awarded a total of three team awards and one individual award. Here Damian Furlong, member of team ‘Lost Box’, graduate of Abertay and DCU, summarises who won what.

The award for the product with the greatest ‘Marketability’ went to “Team Brick” for their game “Zoo Crew”. “Zoo Crew” developed a new way of approaching puzzle/adventure games, putting the skills and weaknesses of five very different animal characters at your disposal. The multiple solution puzzle-style encourages teamwork and the character’s personalities provide humour in large doses. The visual style sets the game apart, with larger than life cel-shaded crew interacting with a photo-realistic environment.

The award for ‘Innovation and Creativity’ went to team “Lost Box” for their game ‘Demon Lore’. ‘Demon Lore’ is a third-person team based role-playing game that allows you to simultaneously take control of multiple characters, each with their own unique skills. Using a sophisticated point and click interface, you guide your way through six vast hellish worlds out of mythology, slaying blood-chilling enemies, overcoming deadly puzzles and traps, gain otherworldly powers and obtain mighty weaponry to fulfil your destiny – to destroy the Demon Lord Krahliss and escape from Hell.

The ‘Endeavour’ award was presented to ‘Kita’. This plot driven 2D animated series for 10-14 year olds aimed to engage its audience with a mix of gripping storylines, rounded characters and fast-paced action and adventure.

A ‘Most Outstanding Individual’ award was also presented to Ms. Sarah Deas from the “Lost Box” team. This award was made in recognition of her immense effort as the lone artist on the ‘Demon Lore’ game.

The other competitors were:
•‘Portable Interactive’ with their football management simulation, ‘Socomo’, developed for the mobile phone.
•‘Tasukete’ a product designed to help teach foreign languages through a series of mini-games.
•‘Big House Games’ with their GTA style prison game, “Inmate”.

These projects began back in April when a large number of entries from all over Scotland were submitted to a judging panel. Twelve teams were selected to present their concepts in greater detail and this was then whittled down to the final six.

Ten weeks of work ensued beginning on June 30th. Working long hours and aided by industry consultants all the teams worked hard to get their products to a satisfactory level. Again this year the judges were impressed with what had been achieved in such a short period of time.

Today the teams are looking to move on. Some of the products are attracting interest from publishers. For the “Lost Box” team the desire to break into the industry is strong and they are currently in contact with several sources to help them do just that.

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Author:Damian Furlong
Team ‘Lost Box’
Project ‘Demon Lore’

Note: A Screenshot from ‘Demon Lore’ illustrates this month’s feature on gamedevelopers.ie