Have you ever wanted to make a computer game but don’t have the time? Just said to yourself “I bet it takes forever to design and write a game.” You don’t need forever. You only need a weekend and a few friends.

This year Darklight, running from the 23rd-26th of August, is hosting its first competitive GameJam event! The event will take place in The Factory, Barrow St, Dublin, Friday 24th August – 7pm until 7am Sunday 26th.

A GameJam is a fixed amount of time where people, usually in teams come together in a shared space to make a game from start to finish.

What can you make in 36 hours? Get together with your friends, with your workmates, with your college buddies. Collaborate. Create something.

Anyone can get involved. Programmers, illustrators, musicians, artists, writers.

If you are interested but don’t know anyone else who is up for it, get in touch with team coordinator at Rosef.events@gmail.com and she’ll match you up with a team!

For 36 hours teams will each work on building a game around a common theme. The theme is super secret and will only be revealed just before the competition starts!

Games will be judged by a local, home-grown games company and a Fabulous Prize will be given to the winners!

For more information on the GameJam concept check out http://globalgamejam.org/

If you have any questions email: Rosef.events@gmail.com

F.A.Q will be up on the Darklight site soon! See http://www.darklight.ie/festival-2012/workshops/gamejam/

To enter email the name of at least one participant and the name of your team to Rosef.events@gmail.com