DC Studios announced an April 2005 opening of their Dublin office then never showed up. What happened and are they still planning to operate and recruit within Ireland? Pavel Barter talks to DC CEO Mark Greenshields.

DC Studios Dublin was scheduled to open its doors in April 2005. What’s up?
Mark Greenshields: “DC was forced to expand in Glasgow due to the lateness of some commitments for Dublin. Also DC acquired the assets of VIS Entertainment and its State of Emergency brand which was being developed in Edinburgh. This meant that we had essentially expanded one studio and added another in the space of two months. It was impossible to start another new studio at the same time (not to mention the additional salary costs!) so we were forced to put Dublin on a temporary hold. I want to stress it is still very much in our plans but we can only do one thing well at a time so we would rather wait and do it correctly when we are ready.”

Is it true you were working on a project for Hip Interactive? If so, how did their recent bankruptcy affect your business and what will happen to the project?
MG: “We were and are working on Fear Factor Unleashed. It cost us a lot of money as you might imagine. We are continuing the development and are in discussions with a new distributor for the game. The game will be released.”

How did the acquisition of SOE2 come about and what does it bring to DC Studios?
MG: “It came about because VIS entered bankruptcy and we saw a brand that had a huge potential given the right team. We acquired the rights through the receivers and are on target for Sept 30 GMC. It brings a new team of quality people to add to our existing teams and also a brand that we control and a new optimized shooter engine.”

Can you tell us a little bit about Fear: Factor Unleashed. Was there considerable liaison between your team and the makers of the show?
MG: “Yes there was good liaison. The producers of the show were very supportive of the game and were very helpful with ideas and implementations. The game takes the show further to the sphere of things that could NEVER be risked on the show itself – hence the unleashed title. More will be revealed soon but the game is fun and will be successful (we hope!!)”

Are you actively recruiting for the Dublin office or is the bulk of the team being imported from your Scottish operation?
MG: “Currently we are not recruiting for Dublin at all as we are currently full due to Scotland. The future will change this.”

What projects are now planned for DC Dublin?
MG: “Nothing for today due to Scotland, but we will revisit when we plan to open as soon as we are ready.”

Considering DC’s various changes since we last spoke at GDC in March, will operations in Dublin remain much the same or do you have fresh plans for the studio?
MG: “I cannot say today but I see no reason for anything to be different. The reasons to open in Dublin remain the same so I cannot see it being grossly different.”

Finally, can you put a date on the opening of DC Studios Dublin?
MG: “Not yet. We don’t want to wait long as it was and remains central to our plans but DC has always been a believer in doing things properly so we would rather pause and get it right. As soon as we know we will tell you and your readers.”