Tuesday 13th

Multimedia Showcase, Seminar Room, 1pm

Declan Tuite, a lecturer in the School of Communcations, presents a series of entertaining projects by previous multimedia students including Blown Away, a DCU project which has been featured at the Wired Expo in recent times

Playstation 3 Talk & Demo, Seminar Room 3pm

In a follow up to his talk during Games Week, Neil Costigan will be once again speaking on the power of the Playstation 3 when put to use in the field of Cryptography. He will also be demonstrating some of the tools he uses with the console and giving his thoughts on the difficulties inherent with programming on the console.

More details on these other events can be found at http://techweek.dcu.ie

If anyone has any more questions about these events or would like to come out to DCU just PM gizmo on the forums.