Those who are awake this morning will have noticed that we have a new logo on the top of the homepage! is pleased to announce that DemonWare has kindly agreed to support in an agreement which will see the website not only able to pay its ongoing maintenance and hosting costs but also start to commission more features and articles over the next two – three years.

Speaking to Dylan Collins, CEO of DemonWare, said, “We’re very proud to be involved with as it’s a fantastic resource for students and crucial to the development of the Irish games industry” is currently run by a group of volunteers who source content and fix any technical problems which may arise. The website relies on the game development community at large: industry, students and interested others, to contribute content, ideas and funds. developed out of a university research project conducted in DCU during 2000 by Dr. Aphra Kerr. It was developed by two DCU multimedia students, Paul May and John Lynch and launched in March 2003. The website was redesigned by Ian Hannigan, Dave Kearney, John Lynch and other people in 2005. The website development and running costs for the first three years were supported by Nokia and 02 Ireland.

Note on DemonWare:
DemonWare is a network middleware provider for nextgen consoles and PC. DemonWare was founded in 2003 by Dylan Collins and Sean Blanchfield. They have offices in Dublin, Ireland (Headquarters), Los Angeles (Sales) and Vancouver (Support).

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