We have been sent the following call by the Science Gallery in Dublin who are looking for people to pitch ideas for the design, design, development and delivery of a visitor experience game for the new Science Gallery exhibition HUMAN+ The Future Of Our Species (April 14 – June 24 2011).

This is a commercial call and they are looking for commercial standard documents, ideas, budgets and potential to deliver.

We only received the call yesterday but the deadline is the 13th of Feb!

Contact the Science Gallery directly if you have questions.


Science Gallery [www.sciencegallery.com] in collaboration with The Long Room Hub and the School Of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin, and supported by Wellcome Trust, is currently developing its new flagship exhibition HUMAN+, running from 14-04-11 to 24-06-11.

The exhibition will be a participatory exhibition experience looking into how we might shape the future of the human race. Using cutting edge technology, immersive game play and art/science installations, HUMAN+ will challenge opinion, stretch the imagination and provoke ideas about our human future.

Will transgenic modifications become the norm? Why do we undergo plastic surgery for pleasure? What is our genetic future? HUMAN+ will explore the overlapping ways we define ourselves – from smart pills, personalised medicare and genetic manipulation – to exploiting converging research in [eg] robotics, biology, nanotechnology.

The exhibition aims to create a dialogue around the scientific, artistic and ethical implications of using technology to manipulate ourselves. An important part of the exhibition experience will be a HUMAN+ ‘Lab-in-the-Gallery’ experience – a pioneering research-led gallery experience where real research experiments involving large-scale visitor participation are conducted through open-ended experimentation.

We are seeking to develop a compelling game experience (reality/mixed reality) to draw visitors through the exhibition experience.


Aims of the game:
– Create a intuitive, personalized and engaging interaction for the audience to explore the themes of the exhibition relating to human enhancement and its ethical/social consequences
– Offer alternate ways of engaging with the exhibition as a whole, particularly to explore the social, psychic and emotional consequences of human enhancement
– Increase audience interest: Encourage prolonged/ongoing engagement with /exploration of the exhibition and its themes.
– Entertaining + informative
– Will encourage social interactions in the gallery
– Encourage people to visit HUMAN+ website following exhibition experience

Type of game:

Open to suggestion. For example: reality or mixed reality
There should be a component that drives visitors to explore the gallery. For example, one could envisage visitors trying out different “enhanced” identities and features, and experiencing some of the consequences of these identities as they move through the exhibits.


The content of HUMAN+ will be made of 15 to 20 art/science installations – developed through open call and invitation.

Themes to consider are: Ageing, Bioethics, Enhancements, Survival, Evolutionary strategies, Population Dynamics.

There are three galleries [1,3, and 4 on the floorplan with an overall footprint of c.450m2] over two levels available for HUMAN+ all of these spaces are to be explored through the game.

Café and shop spaces can be considered in the overall game design. It is important to ensure a cohesive visitor experience in the game play.

Please look at the links for examples of current and previous Science Gallery exhibitions –

Specifically please see the
See also brand guidelines and basic gallery layout attached for reference.

We are currently reviewing potential projects, commissions and invited works to include in HUMAN+ and we are now inviting submissions for a game proposal.

In your pitch please make explicit –

• Your overall approach to the project
• How you will address some of the content themes of Human+
• Your use of materials/technology
• Previous experience of delivering similar projects

Please also include –
• Draft timeline for delivery
• How you will resource the project
• A full breakdown of associated costs.

Any proposal submitted should clearly indicate your experience of similar projects, including samples of work where appropriate.

The proposal should include quotations for the work outlined above.

It will be evaluated on the following scale –

Creative Route – 30%
Your creative response to the above brief including your route to create an exciting visitor experience in the Gallery

Compatibility – 10%
Understanding Science Gallery and its Mission

Cost – 30%
Overall cost to deliver the game

Credentials – 30%
Technical and creative capacity / proven experience on similar gallery and/or game projects

13th February Deadline for submission of design proposals at noon on this date
14th February Designer appointed by Science Gallery
15th February Full design brief meeting at Science Gallery
28th February Draft designs presented
4th March Draft design revision
9th March Design sign-off

If you have any questions regarding HUMAN+ or further information about Science Gallery please contact Alison Carey on 01 896 4199 or e-mail alison.carey@sciencegallery.com