“Once upon a time in the DUUG” took place at the Talent Gardens having no one else but James Brady speaking. For the ones who haven’t heard of him, James is a 3D artist with 4 years experience working on AAA games and large indie projects. You can find out more about himself and his work on this article (https://gamedevelopers.ie/my-pathway-to-being-a-3d-artist-in-games-james-brady/)

Quickly introducing, James has worked at Rockstar Games on the latest release Red Dead Redemption 2, along with the wildly popular multiplayer game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. James has also made art for Hitman 2, Halo, Firewall Zero Hour, The Forest, NotMyCar, Insurgency Sandstorm, the sequel to New World Interactive’s classic title ‘Insurgency’ and many more…

The talk was great and run smoothly, the attendees were bombarding Brady with great questions during a Q&A. It’s totally what can be expected from having an incredible and experienced artist in right front of you and willing to answer the most of your questions. What excites me the most from Brady is knowing how much opened for questions and conversations he is and now that he is back home because he wants to help the local industry gives us a great opportunity to be in contact with a great professional.

DUUG #21 happened for the first time at the Talent Garden Dublin, an innovative coworking, events and learning space in Glasnevin. The campus hosts 350 members, offering flexible workspaces, digital skills training and hundreds of events every year. With 23 campuses across 8 countries, Talent Garden also provides its members with access to a unique international network of tech professionals. The structure and staff got me very impressed and confident about further events to be hosted there.

To find out more about Brady’s work, check out his website: bradyart.xyz

To learn more about the Dublin Unity User Group (DUUG), check out their website: http://duug.github.io/

Author bio: Jairo Lopes is CEO at Nocht Communications, a company based in Dublin and focused on Public Relations and Business Development in the game industry.