We’re looking for an experienced C#/Unity Developer for our dev team working on our data driven VR simulation product, as well as creating bespoke VR simulation experiences.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced C# developer who creates high quality software, and is a problem solver.

Your Responsibilities

*You will lead the Development team working in a multi-disciplinary environment with the Asset team, Data Team and Management team.

*Your team will translate product design and plans into high quality virtual simulation

*Share knowledge, help and mentor colleagues in a communal, cross-disciplinary and remote team environment

*Design and implement well-engineered, reliable, maintainable, and bug-free code

*Solve challenging technical issues

*Follow best practices, development processes, and coding standards

*Document and peer review technical designs with other software engineers

Candidate Requirement

*4+ years of professional games/simulation development experience

*Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar field.

*Extensive experience with self-testing to minimize and fix issues

*Expert knowledge of software development and best-practices

*Experience in leading a team of developers

*Experience of multi-user networking would be a bonus


During COVID remote working is supported but there will be a requirement in future to attend the office in Dublin for meetings, sprints etc.

The position is envisaged as fully flexible with the option of using city centre offices if and when needed.

About Us

VRAI create data driven VR simulation training for hazardous environments. Our customers are leading organisations such as the Irish Defence Forces, the United Nations in Somalia and International Airlines Group (IAG) in Heathrow Airport.

We have created HEAT, Hazardous Environment Awareness Training. HEAT combines authentic virtual training environments with cutting edge data capture and analytics capability.

HEAT allows organisations whose activities are Risky, Remote or Rare to train in a more authentic, memorable and measurable way.

We create shared value for our customers, investors, employees and community by adopting the ‘Triple Bottom Line’. We focus not just on profit, but also on people and the planet.

See more on the company at https://vrai.ie/

Posted 20/07/2020