Life after Us


At the recent Eircom Spider Awards EyeSodic Games won the best digital game against formidable competition. The competition was looking for ‘entries from game developers who have created an online game that is well designed, (original artwork, environmental design to be well considered, character motion to be well produced, general playability of the game must be good, user friendly controls etc.) innovative, intuitive to play, operational on multiple platforms/devices/operating systems and engaging for the user.’

Their winning game, Life after Us: Fading Light is a series of short horror games based in a universe inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft.

Fading Light, the third in a series sees you play a man who wanders away from a tour group in a cave only to fall into the depths of a long forgotten part of the caverns which are home to more than just the darkness.

The game is free but they are accepting donations – so give them what you think is fair!

You can also download it from GameJolt.

Founded in 2008, Eyesodic Games are based in Kilkenny.


eyesodic games

Pic left to right: Jennifer Maguire (Presenter), Dan Kenny (Eyesodic Games), Don Farrell (Managing Director, Circulator, sponsor of the games award) and Bernard O’Shea, (Presenter).