November must be games fes time across the water as Brighton have a month of digital media and game related events following on from London Games Festival. Part of the Brighton festival includes an animation night for Irish and English animators.

Might be worth checking out cheap flights to Gatwick or heading down if you are over there….

see dSCAPE/07 Animation Night

Date: Wednesday 14 November
Time: 6.30 – 10.30pm
Venue: Salis Benny Theatre, Brighton
Cost: £10,

The dSCAPE/07 Animation Night will bring together Irish and English animators to showcase their work and discuss the socio-political influences that have informed its inception and development. This will include reflection on current economic prosperity in both the UK and more dramatically in Ireland, cultural issues such as religious conflict, immigration as well as the historic context in the British and Irish cultures of animation as artistic expression. The format will include screenings and facilitated panel discussion. Presenter details to follow soon!

for more on the event see

Or you can head early and catch the London games festival from the 22nd of Oct until early November and then head down to Brighton. See

Event includes a Women in Games mixer event i.e. a social night out!