The tutors for these master class sessions are Don Brandon Ray, former Music Supervisor and Composer at CBS T.V. (U.S.A.) and creator of the Film Scoring Programme at the University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) and Derek Gleeson (Conductor/Composer). Composers from classical, rock and commercial music backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in film or TV soundtrack production are asked to participate.

The programme aims to provide students with a portfolio of various pieces demonstrating their compositional skills. There will be 14 3-hour units in the module. Four of these will be recording sessions in Ireland and two will be with the 70-piece Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra at the National Radio Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria. Featured in the sessions will be ‘Classic Hollywood Cartoon Scoring’ (for example as featured in ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Loony Tunes’), with film cues dubbed to picture for later viewing, and mixed ensemble pieces of the composer’s choice of genre and style for 15- and 18-piece ensemble as well as large string ensemble with harp and piano.

Interested composers are asked to send their CVs to Helen McMahon at FÁS Screen Training Ireland not later than February 2, 2004.

Phone 01 607 0944
Fax 01 607 0959

Details of module:
Venue: Pulse Recording Studios
Fee: EUR700
Dates: 15 February – 12 April, 2004
14 -3 hour sessions and classes