As mentioned on the forums already (you are too fast for us!) Gala Networks Europe, located in Dublin’s Digital Hub, have announced the creation of over 100 new jobs.

Speaking at the announcement Hyun Hur, CEO of GNE. said: “As part of GNE’s European expansion a number of new mandates will be added. This will include expansion into new markets, the introduction of three new game title releases and new language versions and the licensing of games from third party game development companies.”

You will remember that they launched last year and we were involved in the distribution of beta codes for their free MMORPG Allods Online. Jamie McCormick, English marketing manager at Gala Networks Europe, is a regular on the forums and at the shindigs.

Jamie has informed us that the company has begun Beta Testing another new game, Canaan Online, at today in English, French and German. A browser game, and the seventh game of the portal, it offers players the first open world MMORPG delivered through Flash. Developed by XPEC Entertainment,it is a manga-style game which offers an in-depth pet system and detailed social and chat features. For more information on Canaan, please visit

About Gala
Gala Incorporated, established in 1993 in Tokyo Japan, is a leader in the growing non-subscription, free-to-play (F2P), Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) market. Gala also develops data mining tools, provides marketing and web design services and operates a number of multi-topic websites.

Gala established its European headquarters, Gala Networks Europe Ltd. (GNE), in 2006 with a focus on localisation, marketing, customer support and revenue collection along with a global mandate for licensing, publishing and hosting. The expansion of this operation comes as a result of growth of the European online games market and the success of the Irish operation to date.