Galway Game Jam 12 is coming soon!

Venue     PorterShed, Galway
Date 30 March 2019
Time 9am – 9pm Saturday
Cost Admission Free

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Facebook event page


Challenge yourself to make a (tiny) game in a day.

Jam solo or in a team.

Meet people interested in game development and have fun!

This game making event will be a little different to previous jams as we are planning on putting a more strict limitation on the outcome.

Pre-made teams are okay, making teams on the day is assisted by the organisers.

Normally we select a theme that people use as a starting point for their ideas, and as a way to focus their game. In general Galway Game Jam themes are given a lot of room for interpretation and have produced a wide variety of games. We have never before put a harsh limitation on the outcome of a Galway Game Jam game.
This time we are considering a harsh limitation, visual or otherwise, that will create a more unifying identity to the games that are produced, and allow people to focus on core gameplay, as well as give them room to experiment with the harsh limitations in whatever way they wish.

Limitations are excellent for your creativity. They help you move past the ‘blank page’ of infinite possibility, or creative block, by narrowing the options into a possibility space that has clearly defined boundaries, which is easier for us humans to think about, and create within. A harsh limitation also aligns all the games from the jam towards a shared identity unique to the jam. We find this an exciting prospect, and look forward to the discussion that will
take place in the community about which creative limitation to put in place.

Discussions about the jam will take place on our Facebook event page and our discord server over the course of the next few weeks!

This event is 12 hours long. We plan to use the final hour to showcase each others games. There will be some announcements but you will are free to come and go throughout the day and are encouraged to take regular breaks.

Food will not be provided, please arrange food and snacks for yourself. The venue is centrally located, so there are plenty of options available (there is also Galway’s Saturday market, just to remind you it has awesome food!). You are permitted to eat & drink at the gamejam and are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. We know you will, as this has never been an issue, we just have to say it anyway!

You must agree to our Code of Conduct in order to participate in the jam. (see our website for details.)