If you are involved in games education then you should be interested in know that Game Developer magazine is in the process of preparing Game Developer’s Fall 2006 Game Career Guide, a special issue of the magazine directed at prospective and current university students. Deadline is June the 6th.

Any college/university that has set up game-related courses may submit their updated information via email, the deadline for entry is June 6, and the listing is free.

If you are interested send an email with following information:

School Name:
Location (city/state or equiv.):
Game-Related Programs offered:
Accredited (Yes/No):
Financial aid (Yes/No):
Length of program:
Student/Faculty Ratio:
Phone Number:
Email Contact:

Here’s an example of a listing:
School Name: Game School X
Location (city/state or equiv.): San Francisco, CA
Game-Related Programs offered: Game Design, 3D Animation, Interactive Design
Degrees/Certification: BFA, MFA
Tuition: $26,000 (Undergrad), $15,000 (Grad)
Accredited (Yes/No): Yes
Financial aid (Yes/No): No
Length of program: 3-4 years
Student/Faculty Ratio: 20:1
Phone Number: 415.123.4567
URL: www.gameschoolx.com
Email Contact: jasper@gameschoolx.com

All submissions must be sent via email to careerguide@gdmag.com

If those submitting would like pictures of their school to be considered for inclusion in the Guide, please send them along with their email, making sure they are large enough for print publication (lower resolution images may be discarded).