A chance to meet approx. 50 publishers all in one place. But there is competition as at least 75 European game developers are expected too and there are only 32 time slots available.

So the deal seems to be that you tell Game Connection who you would like to meet and they try to arrange a schedule as best they can. Alongside these meetings there is a number of conferences dedicated to business and the sponsors.

For a developer selling a project it is not cheap but probably cheaper than individually arranging all the meetings and travelling to the publisher. So for €2,500 you can buy a booth and have access to business conferences and an online meeting system to present your project.

If you want to attend the conferences only it costs €300.

For a publisher it costs €600 for two nights or €450 for one night.

registration info etc. can be found at http://www.game-connection.netwww.game-connection.net

See the August issue of Develop magazine also for info..pgs.16-17.