While the official launch of gamedevelopers.ie in the Guinness Storehouse was not until the end of April 2003, the 31st of March was our go live date.

The first feature was called ‘Creating Havok at GDC’ and was a review of GDC by Paul Hayes of Havok. The first news item? The launch of my working paper on the games industry in Ireland (mm content bias maybe?) followed by an announcement that Nokia had launched the nGage challenge.

Kapooki were first to make an entry in the Gallery section with Lorgaine followed swiftly by CanDo with their 3D Stressball game. And our first entry into the skills directory was by Philip McConnell from the LUDO course and under the 3D Modelling category.

Thanks to everyone for getting involved and for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for games with the rest of us.