In 2013 Geoff Newman (aka krudd) of EndLife Studios produced a number of podcasts interviewing people in #Irishgamedev including Jamie McCormick from, Diarmuid Murphy from Microsoft, a Dare to be Digital Special with James Sadlier and Alan Boyce from NeverMind Games and Andrea Magnorsky from BatCat Games. In fact he has a nice history of his podcasting online.

His new project is creating a video documentary on gamejams. Wondering what a gamejam is?

When we asked him about his new project he said:

‘With the the film I’m really just trying to capture the fun, joy, and sometimes stress of partaking in a game jam. It’s such an extremely shortened game dev cycle that it can be more changeable than a typical day in Ireland. I have been part of so many game jams and never really had a game I felt I could show off but it still was fun and enjoyable time. You go in with ideas and in the end you come out with something. I am still filming future game jams such as London GameCraft and Global Game Jam but also looking for people that made a game at a jam and went on to really flesh out the idea to build a commercial game.’

See the trailer below.

Get in touch with him –
twitter: @john_geoffrey

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