Phil Bourke is busy planning another year of events for secondary school and third level students. He has provided the following information to update us on planning for 09 events in Tipperary Institute.


Key dates are as follows;

11th March 2009; Games Fleadh – GamesPro presentations in games design, audio, art and programming presented by games industry specialists. Games music performance followed by a traditional music night. Games tournaments.

12th March 2009; XNA Ireland Challenge, Robocode Ireland, SchoolBots Challenge and Xbox Live Games tournament.

If you missed Games Fleadh 2008, have a look at the following YouTube videos and photos.

TV3 :

Opening ceremony 2008

Sample event photos

Dr. Liam Noonan will be the coordinator of the Robocode Ireland Challenge and SchoolBots Challenge 09. Please contact Dr. Noonan if you would like to assist on the Robocode Ireland committee.

Phil Bourke will be focusing on the XNA Ireland Challenge, and Games Fleadh events. The starter kit is almost ready and the theme will be announced shortly. We’re seeking permission to distribute, subject to licence, this years winning XNA Ireland Challenge game on XNA Community. If your interested in becoming involved in the XNA Ireland Challenge committee contact him at pbourke at tippsoc dot ie

Please visit (under construction),, and for details of fleadh events.