Games Fleadh 2016 will take place on Wednesday March 9th 2016 in LIT Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Supported by Microsoft Ireland, EA Games and the Irish Computer Society, the 13th annual Games Fleadh will feature Robocode and the Game Studio ‘Tower Defence’ competitions.

Games Fleadh will also feature games development and research talks by industry veterans and researchers.

Games Fleadh 2016 is open to the public for free.

For more follow @gamesfleadh on twitter or the hashtag #gamesfleadh. See also

Brenda Laurel skypes into Games Fleadh, 2015.

Brenda Romero on screen as she skypes into Games Fleadh, March, 2015. Dr Liam Noonan, Lecturer, LIT, at podium. Photo: Aphra Kerr.