The categories this year are:

1. The Newbie award –
a person who joined the boards in the past twelve months but who has already made a significant contribution to the life and info on the website…not necessarily the most frequent number of posts…

2. The Stamina gd/ie Hall of Fame award
a person who signed up to the forums near the launch date in April 03 and has just kept posting…can only be won once.

3. The Salmon of knowledge award
For the selfless posting of gems of experience and informative posts.

4. The Humour award
self-explanatory really – for the funniest post/posts to

5. Gd person/group of the year
For their contribution to the growth of the industry and the wider games community as well as – from April 04 – april 05. Can be a person or group..

To make a nomination please post go to the forums on this site and under general discussions you will find a awards nomination thread. Please list the award title, the name of the nominee and the reason for their nomination.

A neutral panel will decide on the winners! Nominations will close on Monday the 4th of April.