The following are the nominations received through the website. The panel (Jab, Padraig and Aphra) have added one or two and will make the final decision as to the winners in each category. I will be contacting the nominees in the next day or so to find out your real names and something about you!


1. Ian Hannigan
2. Omen /
3 Kyotokid
4 Skyclad

Salmon of Knowledge:

1. Ronny
2. Monument
3. Darwen
4. Grifmike

GD of the Year

1. Idora/ Tony Kelly
2. Skyclad/ Dave Kearney
3. Johnny Slim/ John Lynch
4. Grifmike/ Michael Griffin
5. Dylan Collins

There will also be a Stamina and a Sprint award given to people who have been contributing the longest and the most frequently to the forums on There is some discussion still ongoing amongst the panel as to who the top three in these categories are.

The winners will be announced between 8.30-9pm on this coming Friday night, downstair in Toners pub on Bagott Street in Dublin. See the calendar on the home page for directions.

Some finger food will be provided on the night.