Hard to believe I know – but this month gd.ie will be officially three years old. To celebrate we will having a slightly more upmarket shindig that usual in the heart of the Digital Hub, the Digital Exchange building (old Media Lab Europe building) on Crane Street, off Thomas Street, in Dublin on Friday the 28th of April from 6.45pm.

Since gd.ie is all about building community we are pleased to announce that confirmed speakers for the night include Will Golby, PopCap Games, Dublin; Tony Kelly, Nephin Games, Galway; Sarah Guiney, Upstart Games and John Molloy talking about the Digital Hub’s clubhouse and eSTreet projects.

As if that wasn’t enough entertainment for one night we will also have the annual gd.ie annual awards. Please go to the forums on gd.ie to nominate your newbie of the year, elect someone to the gd.ie hall of fame for the stamina award, reward someone for their gems of knowledge, their humour and finally nominate a person or group for the gd.ie overall award of the year. Go to http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/forums/viewtopic.php?p=24100#24100

As last year there will be refreshments on the night and there is always the possibility that things will continue afterwards in a local establishment.


Maps showing the Digital Exchange building can be found at http://www.thedigitalhub.com/locate/maps.php# (just for Kyotokid!)

Former winners of gd.ie awards (with forum handles in brackets) are:

2005 winners were:
1. Newbie – Stéphane Ambrosini (steph)
2. Stamina – Damian Furlong (Omen) who registerd on the forums on 7th of April, 2003 with a special runners up award to Ronny Southwood (ronny)
3. Salmon of Knowledge – Tony Kelly (Idora)
4. Humour – Peter McNally (Pete) or his Hoffness..
5. Gd.ie group of the year 05 – IGDA Ireland committee.

For more see http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/news/viewnews.php?article=200

2004 winners were:
1. Stamina: Peter McNally (pete) who registered on the forums on the 1st of April 2003,
2. Newbie: Ivan McCloskey (Kyotokid): i
3. Humour: Ian Hannigan (Ian_hannigan)
4. Salmon of Knowledge: Michael Griffin (grifmike)
5. GD.ie person of the Year – Tony Kelly (Idora).

For more see http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/news/viewnews.php?article=98