The IGDA EdSIG Global Game Jam is coming up on the weekend of January 30-February 1st, 2009 which will involve 49 locations in 20 countries making games from start to finish in 48 hours.

Check out all of the GGJ locations on Phil Bourke and Tipp Institiute at Thurles, Co. Tipperary is participating from Ireland.

Kyle Gabler, Indie Developer of the World of Goo is a keynote speaker. This talk will be available on the IGDA website, and on YouTube, etc… People will be able to follow what is going on during the various jams through streaming video and Twitter.

At the end of the GGJ all of the games and source code will be available on the GGJ website. There will also be a review of the GGJ at the upcoming GDC Education Summit (March 23-24, 2009).