The North West Institute for Further and Higher Education in Derry/Londonderry, became part of the North West Regional College in 2007.

This course offers a one year Higher National Certificate in Interactive Computing Entertainment (ICE). It is aimed at students who wish to work in the computer games industry.

The units taught on the course include 2D and 3D Graphics, computer programming using the latest .NET platform, maths and computer audio.

The course also includes a project module that involves making a game using industry leading game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity 3D.

Induction (To include introduction to games industry and history)
3D Game Project (Value 2 Units) Spans 2 semesters and culminates in 3D game demo with audio.

Semester 1 (4 single value units)
Introduction to Programming for Games
Mathematics for Games Programming
2D Graphics and Engine Tools
Computer Game Fundamentals

Semester 2 (4 single value units)
Development Using 3D Engine
3D Game Programming
3D Computer Graphics for Games
Computer Music Production

Students will undertake a complete and realistic project and successfully complete it within the time constraint imposed, working within a group and individually when necessary.

The project will span all the lifecycle stages for the development of a computer game, from planning to story-boarding, implementation and maintenance. The project may be assigned by the college or by the students and agreed by the college.

Location: Strand Road, LondonDerry, Northern Ireland.
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1 A Level Grade C & 1 A Level Grade E, plus 4 GCSE passes (Grade C or above inc Mathematics);

OR Level 3/Nat Dip PPP pass profile;

OR equivalent Irish Leaving Certificate:
2 Honours passes at Grade C2 & 1 Honours Grade D1 or above, plus 4 Ordinary passes at D1; OR equivalent

Course: Higher National Certificate in Interactive Computer Entertainment

Duration: 1 year