This two-year diploma course in computer games design commenced in 2003.

Running in Ballyfermot alongside LUDO, the now well-established 1-year games development course, the emphasis of the diploma is firmly upon the development, by students, of a game or end product before their completion of the course.

3D modelling using 3DSMAX, C++ programming, sound design, game analysis and business theory are all included on the proposed syllabus. There is no plan to provide options in the course but Diarmuid O’Brien, Vice Principal of BCFE, told us that a streaming system for those who might prefer 3D, audio or programming as electives may be implemented.

It is intended that a lot of “cross-fertilisation” between courses at Ballyfermot will occur, with animators and games designers in particular being encouraged to work together on final projects.

The entry requirements state 2 honours in the Leaving Certificate. There is an interview requirement and it is recommended that applicants have a good command of mathematics in order that they can cope with the programming modules. The course includes small business development modules in order to encourage graduates to start games development businesses of their own in the future.

Location: Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10.

Course: Higher National Diploma in Computer Games Design

Duration: 2 Years

Course Strengths:
3D, Audio, C++ programming, business, games theory and analysis. Access to a state of the art graphics engine for all students.

Course Weaknesses:
The short 2-year duration.

More info:

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