The following was sent to us by Steve C in Trinity.


The Interaction, Simulation and Graphics Lab, School of Computer Science and Statistics, TCD, is delighted to announce, in collaboration with IBM Ireland and IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, a workshop on the new Cell Broadband Engine (BE). The Cell BE, developed by IBM in collaboration with Sony and Toshiba, is a revolutionary new processor featuring multiple execution cores, directed towards distributed processing and multimedia applications. IBM has recently announced its first Cell BE based server product, the QS20 Bladeserver. Sony Computer Entertainment has chosen the Cell processor for its newly launched PlaystationR3 game console. The Cell BE Workshop will be comprised of two parts:

1. Public session, Nov 28th, 11:00 – 13:00: featuring keynote
presentations from Bruce D’Amora of IBM T.J. Watson, who will talk about “The Future of the Cell Broadband Engine and Visualisation” and Stephen Kennedy, Senior Engineer with Havok who will talk about “Havok Experiences with the Cell Processor”. These sessions are designed to present an overview of the Cell processor and highlight its use in particular in entertainment and media applications, and will be of interest to the general public and to organisations wishing to learn more about the power of the Cell BE processor.

2. Programming Workshop, Nov 28th/29th: a one and a half day hands-on
workshop introducing the key features of the Cell BE processor in a lab environment, directed by IBM staff, and using the last Cell BE development tools, which will be supplied in the lab. This workshop will be of interest to researchers and engineers looking to develop software exploiting the unique architecture of the Cell BE. Places are limited and registration is a requirement.

Dates and Venue: 28/29 November, TCD

For registration see