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February 18 & 19, 2008

The IGDA Education SIG Summit is held in co-location with the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California. This two-day summit will focus on nuts and bolts practices in curriculum and teaching methods for game development education. There will be two tracks, one aimed at novice educators just entering the game education genre, the second for experienced educators looking for additional tools teaching game design and development.

There will be lectures, model curricula, case blasts, postmortems, interactive hands-on sessions as well as great opportunities for networking and discussion throughout the workshop. Attendees will leave with useful examples and ideas on how to best develop and/or reinvigorate game development curricula in their institution.

The goal of this summit is to address educational issues by sharing examples of best practices in teaching and curricula. It is our hope that participants will collaborate and help create guidelines for the growing community of educators teaching video game design and development. Attendees will leave with useful examples and ideas on how to best develop and/or reinvigorate video game curricula in their institutions.

Call for Posters
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
•The design and execution of game design and development classes.
•The use of game design and development projects in traditional classes.
•Game design and development as capstone projects.
•Interdisciplinary collaboration in game programs (for students and faculty).
•Teaching and curriculum development in game programs.
•Game development concentrations and majors.
•Laboratory and infrastructure requirements for game classes.
•The effect of game design and development classes on the student.
•Learning theories and pedagogy and their application to games education.
•Tools and methods for supporting games education.
•Novel and experimental games.

Additionally, we welcome posters detailing research results relevant to the themes of the summit as well as posters highlighting or showcasing student experiences in games education programs. Student experiences can be showcased in the context of their capstone or class projects.

Poster submissions must present original, unpublished research or experiences. Late-breaking advances and work-in-progress reports from ongoing research are also encouraged to be submitted. Posters under review elsewhere should not be submitted.

To submit to the poster session, please write an abstract of the research or experiences that you wish to present during the poster session (800 words maximum.) Abstracts must be submitted electronically to

Important dates in the paper submission process include the following:

Submission deadline: January 15, 2008 (12:00 midnight, US Eastern time)

Notification: January 24, 2008

Questions on poster sessions can be directed to the poster session chair José Zagal at

If the poster is accepted you will be expected to comply with the following guidelines:

1.All posters will be presented on a tri-fold presentation board 36″ by 48″.
2.Provide 100 copies of the Abstract of the poster.
•Include title, Author(s)
•Single spaced
•Limit to one page in length
3.Authors of accepted posters are required to be present at their posters for discussion at the specified time during the summit.
4.Authors are responsible for the transportation of their presentations.
5.Use large enough fonts for subtitles and text so that the poster can be read from approximately 2-3 feet away. Avoid the use of script fonts that are difficult to read.

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