Observant readers will have noticed that Eurographics is being held in Trinity College Dublin this year. The IGDA Ireland chapter is sponsoring an industry games session on Wed. 31st August, 2-4pm, 2005.

The IGDA/industry session will include two talks and a panel discussion

Talk #1:
Overview of Java Mobile Graphics Technology
Peter Lynch (Eirplay Games)

Talk #2:
Realtime Graphics for Games: An Overview of the Instinct Engine
Chris Gregan (Torc Interactive)

Graphics vs. Gameplay? Why We Play Games

Moderated by Aphra Kerr (Gamedevelopers.ie)

Panellists: Tony Kelly (Torc Interactive/IGDA Ireland), Ian Hannigan (Nephin Games), Hamish Carr (UCD), Mike McNeill (UoU) + TBD

Other game related sessions (not sponsored by IGDA/GD) include talks from Steve Collins from Havok, as well as sessions from Sony on COLLADA, ATI on Overview of the Xbox360 GPU and a panel on Next Generation Game Technology.

More info: http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/eg2005/