the iHCI conference has just announced that this year’s keynote speaker will be Paul Adams, Product Manager at Facebook, where he works on the design and development of new advertising products. He is recognized as a leading thinker on designing social interactions, and spent four years leading user research for Google’s social web projects including Gmail, Mobile and YouTube. See

2011 marks the fifth year of the annual Irish Human Computer Interaction (iHCI) Conference. This year it will take place on the 8th & 9th of September at Cork Institute of Technology which is located in Cork City in the south of Ireland.

The conference theme for 2011 maintains the strands of interest that were established in the conferences since 2007 and places emphasis on ‘inclusivity’ both in practice and design.

The field of HCI is largely characterised by a convergence of knowledge from different fields into research that is interesting in its process as much as in its practical or academic outcomes. In an increasingly competitive climate for all research the theme for this year’s conference underlines a concern for innovation through ‘integrated practice’ and ‘inclusivity in design’.

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