A few weeks ago gd.ie got an email from Game Assets Marketplace, a relatively new Irish start up.

We were curious about what they do and what follows is our questions and their answers.


Q1- Who are the company founders and what are your backgrounds?

The founder of Game Assets Marketplace is Stoko Ltd, an Irish Software company dedicated to building successful projects in Ireland. Leo O’Brien is the manager.

The marketplace’s team has people from the gaming industry with previous experience in GameDev, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, and customer support.

We’re familiar with every detail of the market, and the problems that many talented asset publishers have with publishing and selling game assets.


Q2. When were you founded?

The marketplace was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in early 2020. The core team is based in Dublin, and the other part of the team is remote. We prefer to keep a flexible work environment.

We achieved results beyond our expectations in the past eight months by attracting many talented asset creators and game devs from different countries.


Q3. What exactly do you do?

The marketplace is a hub that gathers talented indie game developers and asset creators. We offer the lowest possible commission per sale on the market (most stores get 20-40% commission from each sale, and it’s too much in our opinion). We only have a 10% flat commission.

Another unique feature is the approval process. It takes up to 24 hours, but in most cases, it’s about 1-2 hours. All other marketplaces make the approval within 3-4 weeks. Also, the minimum required balance to make a withdrawal is only 1 Euro. We don’t keep the users’ funds.

This combination provides the perfect conditions for an asset developer to earn more, get the earnings quickly, and easily publish all new assets.

The platform is a solution as a portfolio place because it’s free to join, free to upload any assets, and has an unlimited maximum size of all stored files.

The marketplace also includes a game asset search engine, which is something unique. Everyone can search top asset stores in the world with only one click.


Q4. There is a game ideas section. What are you trying to do there?

We’re using the available game assets to build a game idea. It includes assets, monetization ideas, theme, and genre (based on our experience and market research). We do our best to help all parts of the industry to be successful.

This section’s information is free to use, so there is no need for registration or order of only the selected assets. For many developers, it’s important to get inspiration from somewhere. It can be a successful game, news, articles, examples, and so on.

In this section, we’re trying to help the game devs to make a new game, and at the same time, we promote the assets of registered publishers.

We think that the success of each game depends on the scripts and the assets. All the magic happens around those two things, and with the right characters, interesting environment, good VFX, and sound effects, it’s possible to make a successful game.


5. Is it pay per asset, or are there other payment options available?

The marketplace only offers pay per asset, which can be a fixed price, or through a bidding system. Some of the assets are available for free, but they’re not premium, and others are free trials.

There are different promotions to sell assets with 0% commission, but we don’t have the option to offer premium assets for free, because the asset creators have to be rewarded.


Q6. Your website says you are a ‘hub for indies’. Why indies specifically?

The indie game developers usually are a small team or a solo developer. There are no designers in most cases, and it takes lots of time to create all the assets for a game.

The main market for assets and game scripts is indies. Also, they’re more open-minded. They can make a new game within a week or two, and a lot of innovation is coming from them.

We know that many big companies are focusing their resources on indie games, which is one reason this niche has become so competitive these days.


Q7. What specifically should Irish devs and students know about you?

Irish devs and students can use the marketplace to sell their work on the market’s best possible terms. Also, they can request any type of collaboration about their games. We have a lot of experience with game development, publishing, and asset creations.

Most of the big marketplaces are not so friendly when it comes to custom solutions and partnerships. In the same, we support Irish game development, and we’re ready to help such types of projects.


Thanks to Leo for answering our questions.

Check them out here – https://gameassetsmarketplace.com/about