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With Firefox:
First page tells me I am missing plugins…Quicktime related :(

With Internet Explorer:

I hear what I am missing – crackly wav file? I dotn like audio on websites but thats just me. I have to stop me mp3’s :P

On the video page, could you have a link to download the vid or host it on YouTube and embed it from there? I cant seem to play it

I am fairly up to date with codecs (except quicktime)…[/quote:2d9ce2a2cf]

Ya sound on the 1st page wont play in firefox if u dont have the latest quicktime codec. I dont like music on websites either but as it was a multimedia project we had to incorporate all forms of multimedia into the site, video, sound, flash, images, etc, so i just put a small wav file on the 1st page.

I had the video on youtude but the quality went out the window but i finally got the video embeded today and i have looked at it on a few pc with no probs so dont know why its not playin for you.

Theres an image on the right of where the video should be playing it says “download video” so left click on that an the video will download, its not too big bout 9mb