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was auditor of netsoc in UCC last/this year.

all we did was play games. few all nighters.

didn’t bother advertising at all. just make sure you start early in the year and at your first event show a film or something. don’t bring a ps2 and two controllers for twenty people.

i started this year with FF7 advent children which attracted the gamer i was into. people with respect for character and storyline, not some irrtating FPS doug.

i’ll talk about my experiences more some time when i don’t have an exam tomorrow.

amazingly enough there are no nerds in my soc. they’re all taken by warps! (war and roleplaying society).

next year we’re having some kind of jamboree. at the moment its called a conference and the provisional date is jan 19th 20th. we’ll see what we can get done this summer for it. but until i start sending out invites. i must study.